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Hi Karen

Pretty sure you've seen more cabin pics then you need to...

I have included a pic of delivery - very helpful driver who dropped the kit over a 7' hedge right into my back garden...and one of what one might do with some of the pallet it arrived on..might be interesting bit of fun to ask what people do with theirs..I'm sure there will have been bar counters made and all sorts!

Apart from help with the concrete pouring and having the final wiring connection done professionally, I managed to do it myself. Heaving up the EPDM was probably the most hard work...

Thanks again for your help and advice...I'm very pleased with the cabin.

Kind regards




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Hi Karen

Yes that rubber is flippin' heavy...and putting the long fascia boards up on the front by myself required sticking some string to the roof with some gaffer tape, passing on end of the board through it to hold it there whilst going down the other end to line up and secure...back to the first end for the same...

Actually, as you will know, getting the sides etc. up takes no's all the other bits! Plus waiting for weather windows... In the end I put 70mm insulation in the floor, 40mm on the roof, because I'm hoping it will essentially be my lounge, summer and winter.

99% of the whole thing - electrics, fittings, treatment, steel reinforcement, aerial..even the plant pots and the honeysuckle that are in them came online...amazing!

If you have any future customers that want an independent view on the cabin I'd be happy to provide it. They are very cleverly designed - forgiving (I overlooked putting the windows in at 6 planks but was easy to dismantle the frames and put them in) and I found straightforward..,although I can see the value in having someone else do the work - it's a long job on your own so 'fair play' to your husband! It was fun doing it but not sure I would do so again.

I reckon I've spent about £6.5k all up - but this includes all the 'extras' - a flame effect wall heater, wireless remote lighting etc. With the wiring under the floor going to the consumer unit outside on the back, there is very little on show inside. The concrete is 6"...probably over the top, but at least it hopefully won't go anywhere!

I know I took my time dithering with the base etc. but you were entirely patient and very helpful at every stage - despite my numerous questions!! I would not hesitate to recommend you.

I have many pics : ). I won't bore you with them, but might be useful to someone at some stage.


0845 017 08 54 (Lo-Call - leave message)

07931 363227 (mobile)

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Nov 27, 2021

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