Lugarde Specifications


Wall thickness: 44mm or 68mm
44mm - Diamond or Straight cut logs

We offer 44 mm in diamond cut logs for a traditional look, or in you can also choose straight cut logs for a more modern look.
68mm - Straight cut logs
For larger log cabins we advise a wall thickness of 68 mm.
Wood quality
  • We kiln dry the wood to reduce the natural expansion and shrinkage that occurs in wood
  • We only use slow grown Northern European high quality pine
  • Our wood is PEFC certified
Increasing your wall height
  • You can increase the height of your log cabin by adding extra rows of logs
  • Each additional wall log row will increase the height by 135mm
  • You can have 1-12 extra wall log rows!
Roof purlins and roof boards
  • Solid 44mm thick purlins (beams) and 19mm thick tongue and grooved roof boards
Internal floor (optional)
  • Internal floors are 19mm thick tongue and groove pine boards
  • Below the floor boards are pressure treated floor joists/beams
  • An additional advantage of having an internal floor is the protection against rising damp and the ability to add floor insulation between the base and the floor
  • The floor is optional. You can choose the have the building without a floor, for example if you want a garage or workshop
Roof types: Flat, Pent, Apex, Asymmetric, Pyramid
  • Roof pitch between 2 and 40 degrees dependent on roof type.
Flat and Pent
  • A pent roof slopes from front to back.
  • The solid purlins on a flat roof are slightly sloping, in order to give a very slight fall.
These roofs are supplied with:
  • Roof boards are 19mm tongue and groove 
  • Solid 44mm purlins
  • EPDM roof kit
  • Fascia boards and wind barge boards
Complete EPDM Kit
  • For every flat roof we deliver EPDM
  • Our EPDM roof covering is a product with unique properties, has an exceptional long lifespan, very minimal maintenance, is root-resistant and is UV resistant. 
  • A practice lifespan of 50 years  (SKZ research march 2016)
  • We deliver a complete package including silicone sealant and a roof water outlet.
Aluminium roof trims
  • The edges of the roof are finished with a wide aluminium profiled roof trim which looks neat and keeps the EPDM in place.
Apex, Asymmetric and Pyramid
These roofs are supplied with:
  • Roof boards are 19mm tongue and groove 
  • Solid 44mm purlins
  • Heavy duty shingles in a choice of 5 colours (black, blue, brown green or red)
  • Complete fitting package with felt tacks and metal works
  • Fascia boards and wind barge boards
Shingles - choice of 5 colours
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Brown
Ridge line direction
  • The ridge can run either in the longest direction or the shortest direction.
Doors and Windows
Double glazing
  • Fitted with HR++ double glazing
  • Edges are sealed with a special kit
  • Excellent insulation, with an U-value of 1.1 !!
  • Highest quality, according to the European standards
  • A thickness of 4 + 16 + 4 (4 mm glass + 16 mm cavity space + 4 mm glass)
  • The cavity space is filled with argon gas (this prevents energy loss)
Very solid doors and windows
  • Our doors and windows are made from solid wood and are 56 mm in thickness!
Door handle
  • Door handles have a strong spring mechanism and are very solid
  • Screws are covered and therefor not visible
  • You have a choice between chrome or brass
With 3 point lock
  • A very high quality 3-point lock from the well known Austrian brand MACO, with ISO 9001 certification
  • A high level of security with steel bolts and a strong pulling mechanism which closely holds the door in the frame
  • This 3 point lock has also received the security mark certification from "SKG" and has 2 stars. This means that it is heavily protected against burglary
  • Tight closing provides ideal sound and thermal insulation
  • Lock does not lose the perfect functionality even after long-term intensive usage.

Laminated wood prevents warping
  • We produce all our doors and windows with fault free laminated wood
  • All knots and other faults are being removed from the wood
  • Wood is kiln dried to a maximum of 12% moisture content
  • The natural movement of wood is limited by the finger jointing and laminating process so that problems as warping are prevented.
Fully adjustable hinges
  • Doors can be fully adjusted by using an allen key for the hinges
  • The hinges are supplied with decorative covers (in the same colour as you have chosen for your hardware)
Aluminium threshold strip
  • The door has a profiled aluminium strip to protect the wooden threshold
Rubber draught excluders
  • The rubber draught excluders we use are, due to the unique design, the highest class of wind- and water resistance, these facts are supported by various testing reports as for example the KOMO-product certificate
  • They are also standard fitted with a red tape, which can be removed after painting
Sealed and fitted with drainage holes
  • Double glazing is sealed with silicone sealant
  • Fitted with drainage holes in the frame for water drainage
Detachable crossbars
  • Crossbars are able to click on and off so you can remove them easily
  • Very handy in cases when you are cleaning the windows or painting the crossbars and frames
Types of windows  - Fixed, Top-Hung, Casement and Tilt-and-Turn
Fixed Windows
  • Ten sizes of fixed, non opening windows available
  • One with top ventilation grill
Top-Hung Windows with Chrome window opener/stay
  • Top-hung windows are supplied with a chrome opener/stay in stainless steel
  • The opener/stay has a modern style black hand grip with a twist and lock mechanism to open and close the window
Casement Windows with Espagnolette mechanism
  • The window has an espagnolette mechanism. This closes the window with pins into the window frame.
Chrome window handles and stays
  • The window handles and stays are manufactured from quality materials
  • The handle can be operated by pressing a release button
  • The window stay can be used to keep your window fully or partially open
Tilt-and-Turn Windows with Tilt and turn mechanism
  • The window is fitted with a very high quality tilt-and-turn system
  • The window can either be opened fully inwards or the top only allowed to open inwards to allow ventilation
Factory treatments:
Painted Windows and Doors
  • We can paint your doors and windows in our factory. 
  • Windows and doors are painted with 3 layers by us, and are therefore protected for approx. 5 years against weather influences.
  • They will be painted with Sigma, a Dutch manufacturer. Sigma products are the perfect protection against UV radiation, water, fungi and contain an anti-fouling protection as well.
  • 6 colours to choose from: Dusty Grey, Graphite Grey, Pure White, Reed Green, Silver Grey, Transparent Oak
Pre-treated Windows and Doors
  • A choice between 4 transparent colours and clear
  • Gives your windows/doors a base coat against fungi and rotting processes after assembly
  • Treated on the inside and outside
  • Within 1 year you need to paint the windows/doors.
Pre-treated Wood
  • The complete building is treated (flooring is an optional extra)
  • Areas that are difficult or unreachable after installation have received protection
  • The cabin is pre-treated with a base coat and ready to accept a paint/stain.
  • Your log cabin is protected against fungi and rotting immediately after installation. 
  • A choice of 5 transparent colours 
  • Within a year you will need to paint the outside of your log cabin.
  • Painting/staining will give the additional protection against rain, snow and UV-rays.
Pressure Treatment
  • Further treatment such as painting is not necessary if you choose this treatment.
  • Please note: after a period of time the colour of the wood will fade and turn grey/silver colour. If you prefer to leave it like this it is a matter of personal choice. The log cabin can still be painted/stained after this treatment.
  • With pressure treatment, the fluid is forced into the wood under vacuumed pressure. The treated wood becomes swollen and it is necessary to allow for a longer delivery time allowing for drying. Assembly may be harder due to the swelling in the wood. 
  • Pressure treatment can cause the natural expansion and contraction of the wood to increase slightly. Also the natural occurring wanes and shakes in the logs may be more pronounced. Gaps above the doors and windows may be initially seen but will disappear as the wood dries out.
  • Please Note: Windows and doors are unable to be pressure treated. We would recommend that you use one of the other or other factory treatments available.
  • Available in green or brown.
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