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Check Your Base


Dear Client

Although customers all know that the base provided must be completely level and square, we are still finding that many times we arrive on site, only to discover that the base is totally unsuitable for installing a log cabin. These customers have all assured us beforehand that the base is to the correct specification!

It is really not possible to install a cabin onto a base that is not 100% level in all directions. If we installed a cabin onto a base that was not level, due to the weight of the building, the cabin would settle into the imperfections causing problems such as, doors and windows not opening properly, and in extreme cases even causing gaps to appear between the wall logs. As a responsible company we are not happy to install onto an imperfect base, knowing that you are likely to have these types of problems in the future.

If we arrive on site and find the base is not level, we have no option but to abort the job and charge the customer as per section 4 of our terms and conditions.

The customer is then responsible for organizing the required changes as quickly as possible.

In some cases we are able to offer to make changes to the base, by adding an extra screed of concrete for example, but this will depend on us having space in our timetable, and we would only normally consider this for installations within 45 miles of Newbury.

If the base is only a little out of level in a couple of places, we may be able to add extra treated timber to level the bearers. The cost of this work will depend on the materials required and labour/time taken, and will be agreed with the customer before we undertake any alterations. There will be a minimum charge of £150 for this work. Making changes to the bearers will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty, so this must be taken into account before agreeing to the alterations.

Ideally the base provided should be the correct size for your building and should be approx 50mm above the surrounding ground level. The correct size will normally be the exact size of your bearer footprint.

The bearer plans will have been provided upon order. The bearers are 5mm smaller all around than your cabin, so for example a 4m x 3m cabin normally has bearers that measure 3990mm x 2990mm. If the base is larger than this size, it may be possible that water is able to get underneath the bearers causing damp problems.

We are able to install on a larger base as long as it is 100% level in all directions, but the customer should be aware of the reasons for it not being the ideal specification, and the problems that may occur if, for example, the ground gets frequently flooded.

To check your base is level you will require a long straight piece of wood, and a spirit level - preferably a large builder’s level. Sitting the spirit level on top of the centre of the wood, check all around the edges of the base, and check in different directions all over the base.The wood should lay flat across the base in any direction you place it. There should not be any places you can see a gap underneath the wood. The spirit level should in all cases have the bubble completely in the centre of the two lines.

If there are places where you can see daylight between the base and the wood, your base is not perfectly level. If the bubble is not exactly in the centre of the two lines, you have a fall (slope) on the base. If the base slopes it is not possible to install.

The video below shows how to check a spirit level, although I am sure it is very obvious to most people!

If the base has been made to the correct size for the cabin, please check that the base is 'square'. The easiest way to do this is to measure across the base diagonally from corner to corner - both ways - and to compare the measurements. If the base is completely 'square' the measurements will be identical. Your log cabin building is perfectly 'square' i the corners so therefore your base must be square also. This is especially important when making a base exactly to size.

Do not trust that your 'builder' has made your base the correct size and 100% level. Please check their work, as not all builders seem to work with any kind of accuracy in our experience!

If you think your base may not be level and we are installing for you, please contact us immediately so we can discuss what you will need to do. 

Bearers sitting flat on level base
Problem base Berkshire - Old sectional garage base was out of level

Our customer sent this photo before installation of a old garage base.

It is not really possible to judge if it is completely level on a photo, so we have to rely on the customer's word. The customer said it was definitely 100% level in all directions.


Morning of installation - job aborted.

We laid the bearers to help the customer to visualise the problem with the base.

The base had a hump in the centre, but also dropped away significantly on the far left.


Close up of far left side of above photo.

We put some rubble underneath a few bearers to show how far off level the base was in those areas.

If we had installed onto this base the cabin would have 'settled' at the left hand side of the front wall, and the customers windows and doors would not have functioned correctly. Gaps may also have appeared in the walls over time.

Problem base Northumberland - completely up and down!

Morning of installation - job aborted.

Our customer provided a base using plastic grids filled with gravel.

The customer had confirmed to us on phone the day before installation that it was level.


We laid the bearers to help the customer to visualise the problem with the base.

The base was completely un-level and up and down everywhere!


This job in the north of England was 300 miles away, meaning a 600 mile round trip!


Morning of installation - job aborted.

Our customer thought that by employing a builder to do her base it would automatically be the correct specification.

Despite being given the plans the builder had made the base smaller than the bearer plan and it was not 'square' when we checked the diagonals!


We think the builder included his wooden shuttering in the base measurements.

Once the shuttering was removed the base was too small!

Base should have been 3790mm wide.


Base should have been 2790mm deep.

The customer decided to get some family members to put the base right while we did another installation.



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May 20, 2022

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