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Garages and Workshops

Standard Garages
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Bespoke Garages
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Lasita Maja - standard range of garages of varying size and style, manufactured and ready for delivery. Only minor changes can be made to these buildings, such as extra doors and windows added etc. Garages traditionally come without a floor, but it is easy to add one if required.
Lugarde - all buildings are manufactured to order. It is easy to choose one of their 8 original designs or use one of the templates to create your own from scratch with their Configurator. You can design it without a floor, or select one at the options stage.
Workshops - Virtually any design of log cabin can be used as a workshop! Garages may be suitable, but if the large doors are not really necessary then there are lots of other styles of cabin that may suit. Lasita Maja cabins come with a floor as standard, but if you prefer not to have a floor you can just install the building onto a concrete base and not fit the floor boards! If you will be fitting heavy machinery, you can strengthen your floor by adding some treated timber to add extra floor bearers for more support.Insulating under the floor with solid insulation boards can help strengthen it.
If you are designing a bespoke workshop, not opting for a floor will also make it cheaper!
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Feb 19, 2020

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