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Barbados 6 cabin with ClassicBond EPDM and Sure Edge Trims
ClassicBond ® EPDM for Flat and Pent Roof Cabins
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What is ClassicBond ® EPDM?
ClassicBond ® EPDM Is the original EPDM roofing system with a proven track record of over 50 years service life. Recognised as one of the most reliable, durable and sustainable materials for your flat roof. ClassicBond is manufactured by Carlisle-Syntec who pioneered EPDM roofing systems in the 1960’s.
BBA Certified & preferred by roofing professionals, ClassicBond is tangibly more pliable, slate grey in colour and is the ideal EPDM rubber roof covering for both large and small flat roofs.
EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane widely used in low-slope buildings worldwide. Its two primary ingredients, ethylene and propylene, are derived from oil and natural gas.
EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer.
Why should you use ClassicBond EPDM to protect your building?
Exceptional Durability
ClassicBond EPDM membranes offer unmatched resistance to all extremes of weather. Tests prove that roofs were performing like new after three decades of exposure.
High Quality
Manufactured by the world leaders in EPDM roofing. ClassicBond membranes are BBA & CE approved and hold the highest European fire ratings.

Incredible strength and flexibility to suit any flat roof project. ClassicBond EPDM has been the roofers choice for projects of all sizes and complexity the world over.
Key Features:
  • Choice: Variety of widths & thicknesses
  • Safe: Heat & flame free installation
  • Flexible: Resists extreme temperature, UV & ageing
  • Durable: Will not tear, split or crack
  • Convenient: Maintenance free & environmentally friendly
  • Quick: Easy to install
The benefits of EPDM flat roofing materials:
  • Long lasting ability, EPDM roofs have been proven to last in excess of 50 years
  • Permanently flexible
  • Highly resistant to UV and infrared light
  • Highly resistant to acids from rainwater
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No shrinkage or dimensional changes over a temperature range -40° to +120° centigrade
  • EPDM membranes are able to fix onto nearly every roof surface
Typical applications of EPDM include:
  • Flat roof extensions
  • Garage roofs
  • Gutter linings
  • Balcony floors
  • Log cabin roofs
  • Shed roofs

What is the difference between CLASSICBOND® and Firestone EPDM?
CLASSICBOND® and Firestone Rubbercover are the leading brands for EPDM roofing membrane systems. We often get asked what are the differences between the two systems.
CLASSICBOND® is manufactured in the USA by Carlisle Syntec, the largest producer of EPDM in the world. CLASSICBOND® is the original EPDM which was first used on commercial roofs in the 1960s whereas Firestone was launched much later in the 1980's. For this reason CLASSICBOND® is the only EPDM brand that can truly claim to have a proven 50 year life expectancy.
CLASSICBOND® EPDM is CE marked with a nominal thickness of 1.2mm as opposed to the thinner 1.1mm of Firestone RubberCover as defined by EN 13956.

Full Installation of ClassicBond ® EPDM roof with Sure Edge ® Trims


Preparation of the building.
Install the log cabin, including roof beams and roof boards.
If you are insulating the roof, fit the battens, vapour barrier, insulation and OSB roof deck now.
Install the cabin's fascia boards on all four faces of the roof, flush with the top of the roof boards.
Install a timber batten at the top of the rear fascia board. This batten is to extend the roof so that when you fit guttering to the fascia the water will run into the gutter, not behind it.
This timber batten is not included in your log cabin's kit. However there are spare battens you could use if you are able to trim them down a bit. The ideal size batten is around 25mm x 50mm. 

Fitting the EPDM
1. Be sure the roof surface is clean, free of dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, and loose material.
The roof surface must be dry. EPDM will not adhere to wet surfaces.
Trapped moisture may vaporise and negatively affect the performance of this product.
Tip: Make sure you install your roof boards wearing clean shoes!

Place the folded EPDM on top of your roof.
Tip: You may need a hand from a friend as EPDM is very heavy!

Open out the EPDM, hang it over the edges equally all round, and let relax on top of the roof for at least 30 minutes.
Tip: Go and get a cup of tea or coffee, or find a few jobs that need doing! The longer it relaxes, the easier it is to get all the creases out.

Fold or roll the rubber membrane back to expose half of the roof deck.
Tip: We have found that rolling it works very well.

Pour adhesive into a paint roller tray.

Load the roller with adhesive. Roll adhesive onto the roof deck, leaving approx. 6" (150mm) at the edges. (You will use the other contact adhesive here later.)

Carefully brush the EPDM back down over the glued side of the roof deck, removing all the air bubble pockets as you brush.
Tip: This is easier if you have rolled it back as per our tip earlier! We find that working in small sections and rolling gradually, brushing flat as you go, is better for keeping out air bubbles.

Fold back the other unglued side of the EPDM halfway.
Tip: Roll it back to where the glue finishes in the middle of the roof.

Roll the glue on the roof deck gradually, and roll back the EPDM, brushing it to get air bubbles out, as per the other side.

Fold back the EPDM on one of the sides to expose the unglued 6" section. Using a small roller, paste the contact adhesive on the perimeter of the roof (6") and also on the corresponding back of the EPDM. Leave contact adhesive till it is just touch dry then brush down. Repeat for all other sides.

Fit the Sure Edge trims as per videos.
Trim excess EPDM off with a sharp hooked utility knife.
PLEASE NOTE: We strongly recommend the use of guttering and downpipes to collect and divert rain water away from your cabin.
ClassicBond ® EPDM, Suredge ® Trims and Adhesive is delivered by courier.


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Jul 04, 2022

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